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ATWAR ENERGY was established with primary objective of becoming one of the leading Turnkey Solution Provider to cater a wide range of materials & services for Utility sector, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Processing Plants as well as communication sector to enable to support the rapid growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ATWAR ENERGY adapt unique and aggressive technical and business acumen along with its leading strategic and international Partners aiming to provide state of the Art quality products, Systems and Services to respond to the growing demands at reasonable cost.


Establish sizable business that profits by helping public and private sector in optimizing operations and investment through cost effective, integrated, reliable and sustainable industry and technology

Trading Division

ATWAR Energy Limited Company is a 100%, Saudi owned company and looking forward to be one of the leading industrial products distributors in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With its highly motivated management team and exceptional expertise of its engineers and Staff, ATWAR ENERGY intend to continuously demonstrate to clients that their confidence with ATWAR ENERGY will be consistently and totally be rewarded..

ATWAR ENERGY provides a complete technical support to customers including testing, commissioning and after sales services.

Contracting Division

We understand client’s needs, listen to ideas, delve into clients concerns, consider all aspects of the situation, and tailor complete solutions, therefore delivering added value to our business. Our clients benefit from our seamless coordination, encompassing proven strategies, clearly defined implementation methods and strong project management With its highly qualified staff

ATWAR ENERGY contribute in several projects overall the kingdom and in various construction branches with public or private sectors

ATWAR ENERGY provides a complete supply, installation and testing service and project management.

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